Phi Kappa Psi Local Chapter Scholarships

The annual Texas Alpha Scholarship Program is coordinated by the Texas Alpha Endowment Fund (TAEF) and financed by the generosity of the alumni and friends of Texas Alpha. Some are endowed and are permanent awards. Others are supported through annual donations, so may vary in their availability and amount from year to year. Students are encouraged to apply for every award they may be eligible to receive.



Tex Schramm Freshman Scholarships14 scholarships from $750 to $3,000

This scholarship recognizes fourteen of the most outstanding young men entering the University of Texas at Austin. In 1991, Brother “Tex” Schramm was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, recognizing his years of service as the first General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys. He spent his college years at Texas and, like his father, joined Phi Kappa Psi. In his likeness, winners are chosen based on their leadership, service and academic achievement during high school. We strongly encourage all first-year men and prospective rushees to apply. Rushing/Joining Phi Kappa Psi (or any fraternity) is not required to apply or win.


Campus Leaders Scholarship Program: $500 to $5,000

Phi Kappa Psi encourages its brothers to pursue leadership positions outside the chapter, across the University of Texas campus. To promote, recognize and reward their leadership, brothers will be considered for scholarship amounts commensurate with the campus position. These scholarships support brothers in campus organizations such as UT Student Government, The Daily Texan, Texas Cowboys, Silver Spurs and the Interfraternity Council, among others. For details and eligibility criteria, brothers are encouraged to contact the chapter scholarship chairman. The number and amounts of these awards will change annually, based on contributions.


GPA Scholarship: $250 – $1,000 

In an average year Texas Alpha Chapter members are awarded nearly $15,000 for academic excellence. We are at UT to be educated and to achieve a degree. Therefore, in addition to our mentorship program and paid tutoring services, each year the TAEF rewards all brothers achieving a 3.25 GPA or above within the last two semesters. Applications are accepted after the fall semester of each year. Applicants must submit a copy of their college transcript or screen shot of their complete online grade report.


Named Scholarships

Over the years, the Texas Alpha experience has benefitted hundreds of successful alumni. Many have come together to endow scholarships honoring the spirit of brotherhood. Some are memorial awards named for outstanding brothers. Others represent a group of members who still gather annually to this day. Any group or individual can endow awards of their own. For more information, contact the TAEF.


Derrick A. Eakin Sophomore Leadership Scholarship: $1,000

Info: Memorial award endowed by pledge brothers, friends and family of Derrick Eakin. Brother Derrick A. Eakin ’91 demonstrated all of the characteristics that define “brotherhood” during his time at Texas Alpha. In his honor, we present this award to a sophomore who, above all, exemplifies those characteristics that are so reminiscent of Derrick. They include participation within the community and intramural sports, leadership performance as a pledge/active, and overall efforts to improve the chapter.


Paul Cox Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

Info: Memorial award endowed by pledge brothers, friends and family of Paul Cox. Brother Paul Cox, ’89 is remembered for his humor, goodwill, and perseverance under adverse conditions. During college, Paul lived in the house during both pledgeship and as an active member of the Chapter. In his honor, this scholarship is awarded during Founders Day weekend (February) to help a brother majoring within the school of Liberal Arts, who possesses a good sense of humor, and remains active within the Chapter.


Texas Alpha St. Tacky Scholarship: $2,500

Info: Honor award endowed by St. Tacky group of 19 members and friends of Texas Alpha. Through the generosity of several alumni of the Texas Alpha Chapter, this scholarship is awarded annually to a brother to assist him in his educational costs. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 and demonstrate leadership within the Chapter. A personal interview with the selection committee is a requirement of the award.


Longview Scholarship: $3,000

Info: Honor award endowed by Texas Alpha pledge class of 1985 and friends. This scholarship is awarded to a brother who meets the following criteria: lives at the house at least one semester; serves the chapter in a leadership position; remains current with all chapter obligations; assists in rush functions; and mentors at least one little brother.


Silver Spurs & Cowboys: $2,000

Info: Honor award financed annually by contributions from Texas Alpha Cowboy and Spur alumni. May not be offered every year. The TAEF presents two $1,000 scholarship to brothers participating in the Silver Spurs (1 award) and Texas Cowboys (1 award) organizations at The University of Texas at Austin. Selection of winners is based upon academics and leadership. The availability of additional awards each year varies based upon the number and amount of annual contributions from Cowboy and Spur alumni.


For information on these awards or on setting up a new memorial, honorary, merit- or need-based award, contact us at

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