Phi Kappa Psi Texas Alpha is a private organization of educated men who endeavor to live honorably and humanely.


There are countless reasons why you should join Phi Psi, but here are a few.

Here are what some of the brothers are saying about what Phi Psi means to them.

"I want to have a place where I will be able to have these guys at my wedding, start companies together, and go on vacations with all of our families."

On Brotherhood/Relationships

"I saw that a large majority of the chapter was in McCombs or Cockrell and asked about the academics and could tell that everyone here."

On Academics

"The alumni network at Phi Psi and what it has to offer is honestly what sold me on being here vs other fraternities."

On Networking and Professional Development

"Being an Out of State student and far from home, being able to have a place that I can go to where it feels like home and everyone is my brothers is really reassuring and comforting."

On A Place to Call "Home"

"I joined Phi Psi because I wanted to be able to step outside of my comfort zone and meet new people."

On Developing & Building Social Relationships

"Growing up in a house with just a mom and no siblings, I wanted a place to go where I could see people that I looked up to and would want to strive to be like and call my brothers."

On Personal Development and Character Building
A Legacy Built on Trust


The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity engages men of integrity, further develops their intellect and enhances community involvement.

With a legacy built on acceptance and trust, each brother realizes his highest potential through a lifelong experience of service and excellence.


170 Man Chapter


Over 2500 Alumni Since Our Charter Began in 1904


Of All Congressmen and Senators Belong To A Fraternity


A Brotherhood For Life

Our chapter house is an incredible facility with unmatched offerings and all-new spaces. Texas Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi has three alumni boards to oversee the business operations of the chapter, watch over the physical assets, and enhance the university experience for our young men.

Donations of Time & Money

We have annual fundraising campaigns to invest in our undergraduate brothers by delivering opportunities to grow in a healthy, safe, and secure campus environment. Our chapter provides one-on-one mentorship and advice from trusted alumni members with real-world experience. We remain on the forefront of facility offerings nationally, while focusing on physical safety and offer unique personal development opportunities.



Meet Matthew Kifle, Executive Director at Phi Kappa Psi Texas Alpha.  Matt is a full time on-site employee in charge of overseeing day-to-day operations. He is an active resource for all PKP members. Students and parents can always rely on Matt knowing the happenings in the chapter and act as a point of contact for any questions.

Matt is a recipient of the 2023 North American Interfraternity Conference Advisor of Distinction Award.  The Advisor Award of Distinction, awarded for the first time in 2017, recognizes exceptional commitment to advising a fraternity chapter, Interfraternity Council or fraternity/sorority community. Each recipient demonstrates dedication to guiding and mentoring the fraternity members with whom they work, and exemplifies the highest standards of character, leadership and interfraternalism both personally and professionally.