For 114 years, Phi Kappa Psi Texas Alpha has been an integral part of the University of Texas. We have set the wake for other UT fraternities and continue to keep our vision focused on maximizing the on-campus experience for undergraduate members.

Located just a block away from campus is our newest step toward excellence. A 26,000 square foot chapter house allows us to bring in more young men of character and Although, as we walk through our newly finished halls lit by sconces proudly wearing our PKP crest, we are taking a moment to reflect the men that created the foundation of our chapter.

The problem we are faced with is we now have a house, but it does not yet look like it is OUR house. Our chapter house is an incredible facility with unmatched offerings and all-new spaces. However, we need to populate the space with a tasteful balance of our history and honor the brothers who have come before us. Join us in the composite challenge, where we will strive to decorate our house to look like a fraternity worthy of the Phi Kappa Psi crest.

We are asking for your help in locating the compositions for all classes to make this house, your house.

01. Donate

Have your class composite? If so, we want it. Help us make this house your house by donating your class composite.

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02. Sponsor

Don’t have your composite? Please consider sponsoring the the redesign, production, and framing of the composition.

Your name will be displayed prominently on your class composition.

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