This year, our chapter can celebrate accomplishing the achievement of a lifetime. The construction of our new chapter house at 2501 Nueces St. A 25,000 sq ft facility built to maximize the on-campus experience at UT, and a tool to long-term successful growth for our fraternity.

The past few years has been directed toward accomplishing this massive undertaking to reflect the excellence of UT Phi Psi. For our undergraduates, we have taken the step to provide them with an unmatched facility for studies, personal and professional development, and memories that will last a lifetime. Together, we have succeeded.

But now the question is “how can we utilize our home for greater impact?” We cannot become complacent… we must focus toward maximizing the on-campus experience at Phi Psi Texas.

Introducing the 2018-19 annual campaign. It is our yearly initiative to maximize impact and value for our undergraduate brothers.

These are the areas we have devoted time and resources, and call out for your support in helping our undergraduate brothers realize the value of PKP.

How Your Donation Helps

Pay it forward to the next generation.

Facility Management

Our cost of living is increasing annually. Our focus is to offset the costs so our undergraduates do not carry the burden.

Personal Development

Both personal and professional development opportunities are integral to the Phi Psi experience.

Education Scholarships

Our recent successes are due to our ability to offer education scholarships to men of character and academic achievements.

On-Site Resources

Our ability to have an on-site executive director is paramount in continued success and goal achievement.

Our Plan

Our plan is to invest in our PKP brothers by delivering opportunities for our undergraduate members to grow in an all-encompassing experience. Provide top-notch facilities, focus on physical safety, offer unique development opportunities, and be there to guide them the entire way.

Responsible Growth is a major concern for our chapter leadership. As our facilities have improved, so have our communication channels and processes to grow the chapter with only the young men that will push the chapter forward.

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