ReConnect 22

Introducing the ReConnect 22, an annual campaign aimed at maximizing the impact and value for our undergraduate brothers.


ReConnect 22 OVERVIEW

What is the difference Phi Kappa Psi offers to the rest of the nation’s fraternities? Unmatched investment in the future of our brotherhood. Hands on, dedicated development, and resources to make the most of their undergraduate experience.

Since the beginning of 2017, our chapter can celebrate accomplishing the achievement of a lifetime. The construction of our new chapter house that now acts as a tool to facilitate successful long-term growth for our fraternity. 

This year, as we look to the future and what is possible, our aim is a trajectory of improvement with leaps and bounds above previous years. We are improving our academic performance standards, providing impactful relationships, and offering an all-encompassing campus experience to build men of character.

How Your Donation Helps

Pay it forward to the next generation.


Our academic standings have shown continuous improvement over years past. The way we will continue to improve will be to lift the financial burdens of our undergraduates.


Our on-site full-time executive director acts as a guide to culture and constantly monitors the chapter activities. This monitoring allows students to grow independently, while upholding the expectations of our undergraduate members.


Learn from industry professionals, established alumni, and community leaders with the chance to interact and network in an immersive educational environment.


We understand that in order to take full advantage of the Phi Psi experience our chapter must instill positive study habits, balance academic, provide leadership programming and alumni integration to accomplish both short-term and long-term success.


We are proud to be one of the first fraternities on campus to ban hard alcohol. Other safety measures include a zero-tolerance hazing policy, licensed third-party bartenders, security guards, guest lists, and permitted events.


The top fraternities maintain the top level facilities, there are no exceptions to this rule at UT. As our new house ages there will be occasions for capital improvements beyond normal undergraduate wear and tear (which they pay for); for example major roof repairs.


The purpose of the annual campaign is to invest in our undergraduate brothers by delivering opportunities to grow in a healthy, safe, and secure campus environment. Our chapter provides one-on-one mentorship and advice from trusted alumni members with real-world experience. We remain on the forefront of facility offerings nationally, while focusing on physical safety and offer unique personal development opportunities.

Responsible Growth is a major cornerstone for our chapter leadership. As our facilities have improved, so have our communication channels and processes to intentionally and methodically grow the chapter with only young men that possess strong morals, manners, and determination to push the chapter forward.